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2021 – 03 – 2021 Should be One of the Attention in Human Beings

In addition to my last article, “Some People May Not Realize That 2021 is Not Just a Literal Number”, the uniqueness of group numbers with the form 2021 has given us a chance for humans to learn and recognize it more. The group’s number with the form 2021 taught us many ways to reach the meaning value of 2021 throughout our actual numbers and operations. The operations to form the group numbers with the form 2021 are not perfect, and there are many possible ways to do so. Even the increasing arithmetic value can be formed once we put it into action to let us know more about it. Having more will also bring our value to 2021. Also, the sum of group numbers with the form 2021 is a situation to help us know about our surroundings. As we have seen, the sum is 5, and much of the evidence is brought to it. By being human, we are responsible for ourselves and other living things on a share, like 5 important things that support our life to live in this universe: water, air, ground, sun, and love. Therefore, it is important that we, humans, learn in our life lessons how to share those positive in our life to live.

Furthermore, the uniqueness of group numbers with the form 2021 told us that if humans learn a lesson of life, humans will achieve the true meaning of our life to live as we reach the value. Ending our years without learning them makes it likely that we as a human will never grow up. Numbers have taught us a unique message on how to speak with us. It would be better to learn our life to live carefully.

Another reason is that group numbers with the standard operation, BEDMAS, to form 2021. For one thing, this standard operation, BEDMAS, to form 2021 may have to guide us to several kinds of processes on reaching the value of 2021. That could result in human life not only decreasing since most of the orders in the example have a common difference with -1, but in human life, life is more focused on all of the options to live. We will face this in 2021 to form our value of 2021. The group numbers with the standard operation, BEDMAS, to form 2021 also have increased value. That could also mean in human life to live on increasing our sharpness as human beings, focusing on our task. An example here like businessman scientist Elon Musk, the current model in almost all fields of science and technology, with his focus on the development of technology, by starting from PayPal, the online platform of finance, then he develops a combination of science and technology like all of the company he currently has.

Moreover, if we cannot be like Elon Musk, then this increasing value on reaching 2021 could also mean we can sharping our focus as human beings on sharing our water, air, ground, sun, and love by just doing one simple thing on not harming the environment throughout our hardly decomposition material.

On the other hand, the group numbers with the standard operation, BEDMAS, to form 2021 have a unique way of being formed. The firm told us how uniquely we, as human beings, by not have a claw, a paw, a fang, a fur, etcetera., like most animals. However, we are the only species on Earth, and I may assume that in this entire Universe on having the ability to share our wisdom in order to survive. For this scene, only we, the human species, have a recorded history since our ancient generation existed. It is worth being standard, especially on finding our form in 2021 through the standard operation.

Next, the uniqueness of this 2021 message comes from the form of other Mathematical operations. Like one of the wonderful, passionate retired Mathematicians, Dr Tanjea has discovered a new value of 2021 using operations of the same digit. Dr Taneja is passionate about limiting with only up to 10 digits per equation and using a combination of 1’s only, or 2’s only, or 3’s only, or 4’s, 5’s, 6’s, 7’s, 8’s, 9’s that can bring us into a value of 2021. Furthermore, the way on his to reach the value of 2021 throughout the same digit are like:

(2 x 22 + (2/2))2 – 2 – 2 = 2021

(3 – (3/3))^(33/3) – 33

4 + (4 + 4) x (44 – 4) + 4/4

5 + (((5 + 5)^(5 – (5/5)) + 55)/5) + 5

6 + 66 x (6 x 6 – 6) + 6 x 6 – (6/6)

((77 + 7)/7 )+ 7 x (7 x (7 x 7 – 7) – 7)

8 x (8 +8) x ( 8 + 8) – 8 – 8 – (88/8)

((9 + 9)/9)^(99/9) – (9 + 9 + 9)

Also, Dr Taneja mentioned, “those patterns are not uniform”; therefore, there are other ways to find the value of 2021. Furthermore, those patterns are just one of those variant fundamental mathematical operations discovered. Therefore, it would be better if you could allow yourself to try to find another pattern in such a combination of your life lesson.

As in the development of Mathematical Operation, another way of finding the value of 2021 a Mathematician has discovered using simple Calculus operation. For example, the use of Limits, which many Mathematicians believe has fundamental to almost everything in calculus and analysis, is further operational in Mathematics. An example of calculus also brought us to the value of 2021:



Another form of development in Mathematical Operation which is quietly famous is the use of Differential and Integration. Those are two famous Calculus operations that many of us can find almost in many applications, as we will see in our incoming topics about the Application of Mathematics in Real Life.

Now, we have seen and read about many mathematical operations, from simple ways like not using the BEDMAS to a few complex ways like the development of Mathematical Operation on finding the value of 2021. Moreover, the direct sum of 2021 is 5, as we mentioned in our previous article, and we know what would be this 5 meaning as we have it in the current article. Therefore, this article also shared two additional options for Mathematics Operation. Which one would be your fifth form for this Mathematical Operation that best fit to describe the value of 2021 in the meaning of life to live in 2021?

To be continued … … …