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2024 In Initial Philosophical Mathematics Thoughts

2024 cube

January 9, 2024. The Cube is the Space in a Volume. Some of us may start the work day by Jan 02, 2024. Moreover, for nearly 7 in the past days, some other companies may gradually join to initiate their first day of work at the beginning of 2024. With that thought within awareness, some Philosophical Mathematicians have done some analysis, and they said that this should not be a prime year anymore, is it? Because 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 and 9, if we skip day 1 since it is vacation time, then we will know that 3 4 5 is a Pythagoras, including with exception 6 8 and 10 also a Pythagoras, but we leave 2 7 and 9 alone. Now, if we change our angle of point to be simple, which is introductory algebra, then voila, we find the beauty of arithmetic. A 3-4-5 is algebra with differences +1 in arithmetic, while 6-8-10 is algebra with differences +2.

Meanwhile, the leftover is a value of the existence of summation, which is 2 + 7 = 9. With that increasing in value, we become aware of a space that becomes an initial cube of the year, as shown by the numbers. With the power of 3 for each number from the date of 2 and up to the date of 9, then we will get a total summation of it as the number for the year 2024. A cube is a volume uniquely defined as a new beginning in a new space that needs to be developed in a better evolvement. We may encounter our first cube as a child during our play with our toys in hand, either in the form of dice or a box. Everything has a volume that indicates a space.

A space of options with a minimum of 2 choices to select. We know that if we find 3 interconnections, the statement can be more potent. In support that our humanity’s experience has shown that with 4 leaves, now we can hope our peace and joy bring us luck. Especially with work throughout our 5 physical senses: seeing, hearing, touching, smelling, and tasting. Moreover, our lives will become more colorful once 6 senses can be trained appropriately. Even though our 7 deadly sins are within us and our virtues on equal terms.

Nevertheless, we should always know that there is a standing infinite existence above all of us in this Universe and Earth and everything in it, as shown by the infinite connection from number 8. However, we like to overcome our limit to the exceed, even though a higher peak will always be challenging, as shown by number 9. With these four short paragraphs, we learn that there is an opportunity within the existing space around us, in us, and on us. However, we should embrace it as we must be the source of hope to those who seek peace and joy in the triangle and our passion for a greater community, environment, and something beyond our understanding.