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About HERO NRC Growth

With our Goal:

  1. Expand Client Base: Leverage existing relationships with Fortune 1000 companies to expand the client base.
  2. Steady Growth: Achieve steady growth in revenues and profitability as the client base expands and the company continues to provide high-value services.
  3. Improve Marketing Strategy: Implement targeted marketing campaigns to reach potential clients in the target market.
  4. Global Expansion: Establish a new base in China by 2024 to help Sino-Indo-US change makers define their businesses. This expansion represents HERO’s commitment to being a global resource consultant.
  5. Enhance Sales Strategy: Demonstrate the value of services through case studies and testimonials from existing clients.
  6. Continued Innovation: Continue to innovate in the five focus areas: artificial intelligence and technology, automation systems, systematic business and scientific infrastructure in advanced manufacturing, and sustainable, innovative business tactics.
  7. Service Enhancement: Continue to provide high-value services across the five major categories to help clients navigate their pain points around revenue decisions.
  8. Industry Leadership: Become the go-to consultant for top officers across eight industries worldwide for their revenue decisions.

Therefore, HERO makes a possible marketing and promotion plan:

  1. Leverage Existing Relationships: HERO already services 80% of global Fortune 1000 companies. They can leverage these existing relationships to gain referrals and expand their client base.
  2. Targeted Marketing Campaigns: HERO can run targeted marketing campaigns to reach potential clients in their target market. These campaigns could be run on various channels, such as industry publications, online platforms, and at industry events.
  3. Case Studies and Testimonials: HERO can demonstrate the value of their services through case studies and testimonials from existing clients. These can be shared on their website, in marketing materials, and on social media.
  4. Content Marketing: HERO can share insights and thought leadership through blog posts, white papers, and webinars. This can help establish HERO as an expert in their field and attract potential clients.
  5. SEO and SEM: HERO can use Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM) strategies to increase their visibility online and attract more potential clients.
  6. Networking and Industry Events: Attending industry events and networking can help HERO connect with potential clients and partners.
  7. Social Media Marketing: HERO can use social media platforms to reach a wider audience, share content, and engage with potential clients.
  8. Email Marketing: HERO can use email marketing to nurture leads, share updates, and promote their services.


  1. 扩大客户群:利用与财富 1000 强公司的现有关系来扩大客户群。
  2. 稳定增长:随着客户群的扩大和公司继续提供高价值服务,实现收入和盈利能力的稳定增长。
  3. 改进营销策略:实施有针对性的营销活动,以吸引目标市场的潜在客户。
  4. 全球扩张:到2024年在中国建立新基地,帮助中印美变革者定义业务。此次扩张代表了 HERO 致力于成为全球资源顾问的承诺。
  5. 加强销售策略:通过案例研究和现有客户的推荐来展示服务的价值。
  6. 持续创新:在人工智能与技术、自动化系统、先进制造业的系统化业务和科学基础设施以及可持续的创新商业策略五个重点领域持续创新。
  7. 服务提升:持续提供五大品类的高价值服务,帮助客户解决收入决策的痛点。
  8. 行业领导力:成为全球八个行业高管的收入决策的首选顾问。


  1. 利用现有关系:HERO 已经为 80% 的全球财富 1000 强公司提供服务。他们可以利用这些现有的关系来获得推荐并扩大他们的客户群。
  2. 有针对性的营销活动: HERO 可以开展有针对性的营销活动,以吸引目标市场的潜在客户。这些活动可以在各种渠道上进行,例如行业出版物、在线平台和行业活动。
  3. 案例研究和推荐:HERO可以通过案例研究和现有客户的推荐来展示其服务的价值。这些可以在他们的网站、营销材料和社交媒体上分享。
  4. 内容营销:HERO 可以通过博客文章、白皮书和网络研讨会分享见解和思想领导力。这有助于将 HERO 确立为各自领域的专家并吸引潜在客户。
  5. SEO 和 SEM:HERO 可以使用搜索引擎优化 (SEO) 和搜索引擎营销 (SEM) 策略来提高其在线知名度并吸引更多潜在客户。
  6. 网络和行业活动:参加行业活动和网络可以帮助 HERO 与潜在客户和合作伙伴建立联系。
  7. 社交媒体营销: HERO 可以使用社交媒体平台来接触更广泛的受众、分享内容并与潜在客户互动。
  8. 电子邮件营销: HERO 可以使用电子邮件营销来培养潜在客户、分享更新和推广他们的服务。