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Welcome! If you’re on this page, I already know you’re an enthusiastic human being in your own way. You’re committed to wisely growing yourself and thoughtfully choosing information strategies that are effective and efficient to your appealness results.

The Universe is Expanding as well as the Humanity ...

The universe is expanding, and what may have been discovered centuries ago – or even just a few years ago – is not giving you the thought, dream, and abstinence you need.

Educatification on social media is incredibly low, and it is hard to know what to post and how to get real, measurable results that positively impact our humanity’s bottom line. So, you are looking for a clear approach that cuts through all the challenges.

You want a piece of experienced information that can help you navigate the fundamental concepts without the confusion in cognitive and mixed affection at the mercy of the rapidly changing algorithms. The universe is expanding fast, and what may have been discovered a century ago – or even just a few years ago – is not giving you the thought, dream, and abstinence you need.


I am Albert Tan Lie Sing, arrived on Earth through the land called Indonesia sometime in 1984. I am a Mathematical Physicist, Educator, and Researcher with more than a decade of experience as a Professional. I finished Primary and Middle School in Bandung, then High School in Bali, and Universities in the UK and the US. After graduating with a Bachelor of Science in 2004, work as IT Specialist in Pharmaceutical Industries. In 2007, I dedicated myself to living as Mathematical Physicist Educator till now. I am always active in organizations of development in learning. Due to the long epidemic, I have also become a researcher explorer. I developed with my friends in China, Vietnam, and Indonesia since March 2020. Up to now, I have shared my thought on these personal sites.

In addition, with experience of around eight years in China Mainland, I regained awareness of teaching at the high school and college level with several variants of the curriculum like CIE A-Level, IB Program, AP (Advance Placement), and OC (Open Course). Due to the pandemic period in 2020-2022, I am taking a little break by becoming a freelance Mathematical Physicist to hone my skills and catch up with the change in human cognitive, especially early after the epidemic.

Starting in 2021, I will explore more openly throughout the research and the upcoming reading cases in the following term about Physics, Technology, Education, Astronomy, Mathematics, Board Games, and Chess. Also, remember the target for better development in collaboration, connection, communication, and creativity, which could happen some days later soon. Their meaning is usable and accessible by anyone, anywhere, and anytime. Especially teaching and research are the coins that made me a human that feels more human than anything else. As a result, there a book that I have written: 7th Deadly Sins, Hexagon Implication of Learning, and ATEV.

What Really Matters

The truth is, even though most communities have overly complexified learning and information, the essence of what matters in personal growth has remained the same.

It’s about wanting to help and socialize with them.

Also, that matters. As an educator and researcher, I want you to be able to grow your personality, character, and attitude by truly connecting with the community and universe.

I’ll help you focus on the fundamentals. Together, we’ll simplify all your challenging life strategies so you can confidently move forward.

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Recent Projects - Research Topics

An underlying theme of our work in this period is to understand nano-scale quantum systems better and devise methods to control them. We use physical models to make predictions that can be tested experimentally, and that can be used to understand the observed phenomena better.

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