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#2023. W 39 D 2 GMT +08:00. Indicate #96 left days to go in 2023. We all know that intelligence tests measure verbal and nonverbal reasoning and problem-solving. Some intelligence tests also include measures of working memory or processing speed. Mostly, human scores are relatively even across each of these domains. Some individuals show much unevenness in their profiles. In this paper, with our understanding of intelligence and smartness within the development and progress of society and artificial, we face the new educational concept of advocating diversified teaching modes and all-around artificial and humanity training. The empirical evidence we presented in this research shows that although over-education is a common phenomenon in the educational market, being a graduate seems to be associated with a lower likelihood of over-education in the first real-life working environment. As a result, overeducated workers may generally have higher mobility than comparable workers. However, the geometry shows that the solution is to increase the community’s productivity to absorb humanity’s value.


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