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ARMS as a System. ARMS as a Device. ARMS as PACE.

RAMA in the process

#2023. W 32 D 2 GMT +08:00. Indicate #145 days to go in 2023, since the early research that we all know about resource management is an essential component of a grid computing infrastructure. To design a robot, grasping is one of the essential abilities of modern technology robots, especially in industrial 5.0. To this end, an extensive study of robots has been conducted, including the techniques and abilities to bring efficiency to the device and make it effective in detecting home-based robotics, resulting in discovery within the work of an agent-based resource management system that utilizes the performance prediction techniques of the PACE tool kit to provide quantitative data. Home-based robotics for further industry 5.0 could be a valuable approach for increasing paretic activity and maintaining paretic function in finding the optimal parameters. Our solution in this paper can be fully applied to other work of robots to promote the development of industry 5.0 of industrial robotics from home-based robotics.


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