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01 – Our Theoretical Learning Ideas

02 – Intersection and Unity on Perspective of Learning and Teaching

03 – Learning in Definitions that Never Can be Completed

04 – Application on Operant Conditionings in My Classrooms

05 – Synergy of Behaviorism and Cognitivism with Events in Educational Instruction

06 – Mind Map of Teaching-Learning with Gagné Nine Events and Theories of Learning

07 – Definition from Social Cognitive Theories vs Constructivist to Effective and Efficient Learning

08 – Application M.K.O. Constructivism in the Lesson Plan

09 – Incompleteness in the Completeness of Triangle Domain Learning

10 – Domain of Learning That Indirectly Directed Connecting

11 – Two Major Brain Structure During My Courses

12 – Learning Strategies That Influence By Brain Structure

13 – Missing Component of Implementation of Brain Structure to Teaching Learning

14 – Barriers to Learning That We Should Not Concern It

15 – The Barriers of Learning in My Personal Education History and From my Students’ Voices

16 – Hexagon of the Learning Theories and Implication

17 – Implication to Nature Development of Teaching Learning in Instructional Approaches

18 – An Equilateral Forth Triangle in My Hexagon of the Philosophical Learning Theories and Implication

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