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Electric & Built For Speed

“Designed and built by AT.LS HERO Science & Technology co., the ATEV combines an elegant & futuristic look with unparalleled battery efficiency, aerodynamics & performance.”

*Images are taken during road test prototype” 

Comparison Models

We introduce you to two variants of ATEV: ATEV-“C” and ATEV-“T”. The “C” has feature shorter distance and is good for city exploration. The “T” type is the Trip Electric Motorcycle. It features longer distances of up to 550 km (341 mi) on a single charge, ergonomic grips, automobile-grade all-season tires, and a comprehensive lighting system that makes daily trips cruising a breeze.



250 KM (155 MI)






129 km/h (80 Mph)


8.6 KWH




UP TO 300 kGS (661 Lbs)




1 year



550 KM (341 MI)






179 km/h (111 MPH)


21.6 KWH




UP TO 400 KGS (881 Lbs)




1 year


Double discs GP4 ring & BRCMBO brake

Built-in Comprehensive Lights for Your Safety
The comprehensive lights of the ATEV are designed to light up your way day and night. The anti-glare LED front light, day time running light, front and rear turning signal lights, and brake light are built to enhance on-road riding safety. Also, the distinguished atmosphere lights on ATEV-T let the rider commute in style.
All Weather Wheels
Featuring 17-inch large pneumatic tires and front/rear torsion bar suspension, get ready to enjoy a fun ride with excellent stability even on rough roads. Our team put the suspension system to an endurance test for hundreds times and it holds up just fine. Just enjoy the smooth ride on ATEV like never before, and check the box for the next light off-road ride to your favorite trail.
New Automobile Grade Tires for Better Gripping
The all-new 17-inch ATEV automobile-grade tires offer better traction on slippery roads and are self-sealing for a truly worry-free ride. The new tire has superior performance while you take the ATEV for another exploration
The latest generation eABS mounted on the ATEV motorcycle is able to limit the maximum regenerative torque in case of slippery conditions. In particular, the system verifies the presence of friction conditions and, in case of slippery conditions, limits the maximum regeneration torque.
Ergonomic Design For Comfort
With the proper proportion's positions between the front and rear of the motorcycle body, you can enjoy the steady riding experience and comfortability of using the ATEV in your daily.
Braking Power Without Compromise
The reliable braking system includes front and rear ventilation discs as well as an BRMOB brake at the rear of the motorcycle.

*The specs featured here are achieved by ATEV-T
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Performance –A Green Heart

The excitement of riding an electric motorcycle is more than just power. With no transmission gears, clutch, or shifting, the process of searching for the “right gear” and RPM is eliminated, allowing for full concentration on acceleration, full throttle control, cornering, and braking. The technology is more intuitive and gives the feeling of torque to the motor instantly. ATEV is taking electric performance to the approachable level!

Limited ATEV motorcycles use Lithium-ion battery. Contained in sealed housing holding battery cells, the battery management system has all the necessary provisions to ensure the safety of the vehicle and riders. The battery keeps all high-voltage components encapsulated, making it unlikely to accidentally be exposed to risk.

The battery pack is an intelligent device with its own electrical brain, comprising dozens of sensors and electromechanical devices that constitute a closed subsystem to ensure maximum vehicle performance and rider safety in all environmental conditions.

ATEV has installed a cooling system for the battery pack that is superior thanks to its specific design paths that limit the stress of the batteries. This provides considerable benefits to both performance of the vehicle and the life of the battery. 

The heart of ATEV Motorcycles is the sophisticated vehicle control unit. Unlike other electric vehicles where the control units work separately on all controllers, the ATEV battery, inverter, charger, and ABS are constantly monitored and managed by a technological jewel: the EVCU, completely installed and organized by ATEV.

The state-of-the-art EVCU implements a multimap adaptive energy, and a power management. Simple algorithm manages the vehicle, carefully monitoring, and adjusting the motor’s power according to the throttle thrust while riding.

The EVCU interfaces with the ABS system, controlling regenerative engine braking. This ensures the highest efficiency in appealing energy usage and full functionality of the battery throughout the life of the electric vehicle, but also delivers great rideability and experience. 

Ensuring superb efficiency in effectiveness energy management of the battery even in prolonged periods of vehicle hibernation.

The ride-by-wire system is the direct interface between the rider and the ATEV. Knowing it’s importance, ATEV paid special attention to the development and refinement of this device.

The throttle control is composed of a rotary potentiometer and a safety microswitch. The potentiometer detects the rotation of the throttle and is activated every time the accelerator is engaged or released.

The EVCU manages both the potentiometer and the switch signal to fine-tune the torque demand to the engine based on the mapping selected, while the microswitch is used as a safety feature in case of malfunction of the throttle control.

The riding experience corresponds to four different motor mappings, which correspond to different values of maximum torque and different throttle responses. In addition, there are three different settings of regenerative braking that can be manually turned off by the rider.

The TFT full-color dashboard on ATEV motorcycle with 16.7 million display colors has excellent visibility. The active-matrix dashboard creates a real view rider machine interface for the motorcycles.

This technology allows great flexibility, supporting the flow of information and interactivity with the vehicle system. It can provide an extensive menu of configurations and advanced user diagnostics, which are easy to read. It also monitors all of the functions and phases of vehicle operation, such as charging, riding, standby, and the connection with the others.

Limited ATEV Around the World

Round Trip from Hangzhou to Shenzhen, China in only 5 full charges, a distance of 4087 KM (2540MI).

*Images are taken during road test prototype" 
ATEV on the Road - Day 0
ATEV First Trial Prototype to the Road to the impossible journey which the one you will break to be possible
ATEV on the Road - Beginning 400 km
ATEV are ready for a trips to take people
ATEV on the Road - Day 1
ATEV officially on the Trip Day 1 bring you more to a road by having traveled it than by all the conjectures and descriptions in the world
ATEV on the Road - Day 5
5th day of ATEV on the rough Road makes the way seem challenging
ATEV on the Road - Final 4087 km
ATEV on the Road are a record of those who have gone before
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About us
Our Timeline to deliver your ATEV Sport Electric Motorcycle

ATEV is a research product development in the fields of electric vehicle of AT.LS HERO Research and Development effective and efficient distance transportation and service hyper automation technology learning system. In 2002, AT.LS was established in Bandung, Indonesia, which is the first research in non-profit grade scientific research. AT.LS is applicable educator scientific research equipment operation integrating R & D, limited production, and services, established in Bandung, West Java, Indonesia.

As research completed a strategic combination in 2022 resulting ATEV came into being. At present, the product have subsidiaries by some private organization. With your-renowned, ATEV will be more productive that will help the users and the entire industry into the future.

By launching the new released products on crowfunding platforms, we learned a lot from the feedback from backers. You helped us understand what e-mobility products our audience wanted, and what we could do better to provide a better user experience.

We appreciate the support from the backers around the world and they would be the first group of limited customers to enjoy the latest product from us. Our team will keep you updated on the shipping/delivery schedule throughout the campaign. We can’t wait to get this amazing ATEV to you!

Idea and Research

Initial Concepts

Final Measurement Form Factor Secured

First Prototype After 45 Consecutive Days Of Hand Making It

Road Test Prototype

Trial Production And Launch On Crowdfunding & Online Markets

Trial Production And Launch On Crowfunding & Online Markets

Mass Production, QA, T-Shirt Delivery

Shipment And 1st Batch Delivery

ATEV Book, Not Manual Book


  • ATEV Sport Motorcycle
  • Adjustable Charger
  • 5 meters long extension cord
  • Product Manual
  • Limited Certificate of Ownership
  • Limited Warranty of 1 Year

Package Info

As an experienced researcher, we work closely with engineers and manufacturers to stay on top of the quality, and to stick with our outlined schedule. Despite the many procedures and challenges involved throughout the campaign, we will do our best to mitigate all risks associate with project planning, production, further development, and shipments. Should a problem come up during the process, we will definitely keep you in the loop.

Our team has been across more than one project and had achieved many successful deliveries in another products. We aim to give you full transparency regarding the issues and solve them in a way that leaves our supporter to feel happy and proud by supporting many of us.

We choose the design with the concept of using premium materials in mind. The superior body structure of the ATEV Electric Sport Motorcycle is made with an aluminum-alloy, carbon fiber, and ABS plastics that gives it a light-strong body and also has a carrying capacity of 300 kgs. With the great resilience of all-new Power all-season tires, it is low maintenance and comes with the self-cooling feature to give you extra peace of mind. Embedded with durable features such as corrosion-resistant, and a weather resistance rating of IPX5.5 for the whole body and IPX 7 for the controller, it ensures that ATEV Electric Sport Motorcycle will be your faithful, long-serving companion

Rates shown are as of October 5, 2022 and are subject to change without notice. Check with us for current and updated information or contact us directly. Email:

Price shown on this website does not include tax, registration, shipping, or set-up costs as charged by your destination country at delivery. Final prices are set by Seller.

Please note that inventory of units will vary and inclusion on this website is no guarantee of availability. Supplies are limited and subject to change. For more information about ATEVsuch as Sustainable Materials, Performance as a Green Heart Vehicle, Power Battery Pack, Electric Vehicle Control Unit in General, Ride by Wire Systems and many more, please read our brochure below.


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Only 120 Limited ATEV will be in production


The new Standard for Electric Vehicle
$ 22,800
  • Range - 250KM (155MI)
  • Top Speed - 129KM/H (80MPH)
  • Acceleration - 30S
  • Battery Capacity - 8.6KWH
  • Recharge Time - 7 Hours
  • 3 Easy Payment Plan
  • Reservation price only at $6,240


Make a Better Adventures with Longer Distance
$ 26,800
  • Range - 550KM (341MI)
  • Top Speed - 179KM/H (111MPH)
  • Acceleration - 15S
  • Battery Capacity - 21.6KWH
  • Recharge Time - 12 Hours
  • 3 Easy Payment Plan
  • Reservation price only at $8,680

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