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Bite Force Joint. Momentum Joint. 3D Complex Joint.

gripping joint of robotics

#2023. W 35 D 4 GMT +08:00. Indicate #122 days left in 2023. We know that genuine research is only valuable from the existence of words in such a form, especially with the support that the past is written and a future envisioned in those research papers. The dream and research of robots have been studied for decades, and regulation on the internal force of the being held object by sensor manipulators becomes a research interest in such a way. This research paper proposes a method to obtain the optimal target position for palm robots to hold an object based on the robotic palm model. These bite forces grips are complex three-dimensional bite forces delivered to create forces and moments at the joint of interest in the palm to cause joint movements. In addition, we also introduce a cost function combining the uncertainty of the bite force and the position and manage to minimize its value to gain the optimal coordinates for the robot end effectors. Finally, the results are shown to verify the proposed scheme’s effectiveness, practicality, and adaptivity. In the simulation, a robotic palm system with four degrees of freedom in every manipulator was designed to hold an object satisfactorily.