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Grip Bite Force of RAMA

#2023. W 35 D 2 GMT +08:00. Indicate #124 days left in 2023. Some of the books I have read have quoted something from Albert Einstein: “Only those who attempt the absurd can achieve the impossible.” Nearly two decades ago, we experimented with a stable precision grip in robotics. During that time, around thirty right-handed mechanically electronic subjects were designed in the experiments. Also, around sixty variants of simulated methods selected as having mechanical and electronic controls were included in this study. In continuing with previous research for bite force, in this experiment, we recorded the bite force at the first mandibular molar region using a bit force device after phase 1 analysis. In the meantime, the maximum bite force was recorded in an alternate order with a bite force sensor and an occlusal force meter. This research told us that a correlation coefficient between two devices revealed a high and significant positive correlation between the bite force sensor and occlusal force meter separately and in the whole sample. They indicated that the bite force sensor and occlusal force can be a reliable device.