2021 – 04 – Conclusion for 2021

In Contrast, the solutions on how we find the value of 2021 are not the same for all living beings. Some of us value variety and differences. The differences like increasing and decreasing of common differences between numbers to have a total value of 2021 taught us that in life to live there is increasing […]

2021 – 03 – 2021 Should be One of the Attention in Human Beings

In addition to my last article, “Some People May Not Realize That 2021 is Not Just a Literal Number”, the uniqueness of group numbers with the form 2021 has given us a chance for humans to learn and recognize it more. The group’s number with the form 2021 taught us many ways to reach the […]

2021 – 02 – 2021 is Not Just A Literal Number

First, in one of our previous articles about what makes 2021 different from 2020. We generally talked about situations and conditions surrounding us since the spread of something new in 2020 with a better hope in 2021. We also learned that humans are not perfect and go through our whole lives making mistakes for a […]

2021 – 01 – What Makes 2021 Being Different Than 2020

2020 has passed, humans were spending most of their time in their homes or being away from the crowd. The Virus that causes epidemics without discrimination took human freedom, happiness, and comfort. In poorly ventilated space like a minimum of fresh air from the outdoors will put us (humans) at higher risk for being infected. […]

Hello world!

Welcome to Alberttls. This is your first attempt. Comment, Try, Learn, and Save it, then start experiencing it! Alberttls, will do his best to provide applicable material in such a way that is not only hypothetical but testable and applicable in our daily life to become better humans each day of time. Have fun in […]

Encouraging Deep Learning vs Surface Learning Strategies

It’s truly hard to separate the content of deep learning without an understanding and knowledge. Since knowledge and understanding are only different by one string of red lines, that if we can be crossing it, then the concept of understanding beyond that knowledge will be miraculously insightful as we called it deep in this case […]

Educational Reform Plan for Mathematics and Physics Education

  For this time discussion, then allow me to be mimicking the sample. So, let’s start, as an experienced mathematical physicist and educator for Higher Education and Open Learners, I often begin by seriously my own general education reform maps, as shown on the last page, with this is the following details: 1.     […]

Let’s Talk About Educations’ Curriculum

  First of all, I conduct this research without my participants knowing about their answers will be recorded and analyzed. The participants for my current research come from three different kinds of social clubs’ activities with on-the-spot topics each week. The first club from the English club activity and participants in this club come from […]

The Traditional vs the Progressive Approach of Teaching-Learning

  Traditional notions and progressive approach of teaching-learning, what have we ever know about this on schooling? I ever wonder, what would be the proper method that we need as humans?   On the other hand, during my journey as an educator, along with several schools that I have been joined purposely and non-purposely, very […]