Albert Tan Lie Sing

Mathematical Physicist & Educator

As you read on the title, that's my name and my tag line.

First of all, please allow me to say thank you, and IF you open this page, it means you are trying to read about my history.

Since 2000, I have been a self-development Researcher of Physics and have worked in the field of Physics Learning. I like to make complex concepts simple, sometimes even too simple, until they get confused, and I apologize for that. Still, I won't leave you there because I will keep exploring, experimenting, and observing to provide the simplest way to deliver those confusing conceptual ideas. With help from several friends around the globe, at that time, we developed methods for helping those in need of further development and shareable techniques for better living life on Earth through our environment.

In 2005, nearly the end of my time as an undergraduate student, one of my professors suggested I teach. Also, by that time, there was an invitation from one of my Former Teachers while I was in high school. Still, at that time, he was a principal of another school, inviting me to try to teach the high schooler some purely general topic of Science, either Astronomy, Robotics, or Physics. After a while of teaching, then I dedicated my career to Education. For that, I worked as a Subject Teacher all over the possible countries, like Indonesia, Singapore, China, Japan, and Finland for a known primary name like Mathematics and Physics under College Board - The US Program like AP Programs (specified as Calculus AB - Calculus BC and Physics 1 - Physics 2 - Physics Mechanics- Physics Electro), the Australian Program like ACT Curriculum (ICT - CS - Calculus), the UK Program like CIE Curriculum (A-Level Pure Maths - A-Level Mechanics - A-Level Further Math's - ICT - CS), and the European Program like IBDP Programs (Designing Technology, Physics). Then, in my free time, I am doing a hobby as Tech Specialist, Outdoor Consultant, and some other Educational Foundation Programs as a Coordinator. Although challenging, all of these programs will help the future generation do better in learning through books or guidance.

I experienced success working with High School students and developing university-level skills and abilities in high school students at all levels of achievement. Design and implement well-received lesson plans and program structures with creative skills by establishing learning environments that meet the learners' physical, emotional, intellectual, social, and creative needs. Empathetic listener and persuasive speaker. Effectively counseled learners and parents on goals than a target. Objectives and plans. Rapidly developed and adjusted lesson plans to meet unforeseen classroom situations. 

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01. Physics

02. Mathematics

03. Mathematical Physics

04. Astronomy

05. Business Strategy

06. International Chess

07. ICT & CS

System Requirements:

  This course requires a properly maintained computer with internet access and an up-to-date web browser (such as Chrome, Firefox, Edge, or Opera). The learner must be able to communicate with the instructor minimum via email and assign room chat.

   Visit the Technical Requirements and Support for more detail.

 Online Virtual Classroom:

   All of the courses use an online virtual classroom for discussion with the instructor. The classroom works on standards computer with internet access and tablets that support Office 365. The discussion room can be used for FREE for our learners without needing further installation.

  This course uses Respondus LockDown Browser proctoring software for designated assessments. LockDown Browser is a client application that is installed on a local computer. Visit the Respondus website for system requirements.

  While a tablet and a smart digital phone can be used to progress the course, all exams must be completed on a Windows or Mac Operating system.


   Below are brief descriptions of the assignments given in the class with their respective percentages of the quarter grade.

 Homework – Participants (20%)

=> written and unwritten will be assigned to every class. Though the assignments will vary according to the material, the general form for homework will be as follows. You will be given a set of problems each to complete. From these, I will select a small number of the issues (typically no more than 10), which you must prepare fully and turn in to me the following day or time.

Note: “prepare fully” means that you must write out the whole problem – yes, directions included – neatly with a step-by-step explanation of the solution. As with most math homework, examples, the answers are not that importantyou doing the work and understanding the concept are. The problems will generally be odd-numbered so that you may check your solutions in the back.

Weekly Quizzes – (0 – 10%)

=> Unless otherwise stated, these are to be completed individually, closed-book and closed-note. They may range from one to ten problems and will invariably cover material from lecture notes, discussions, and textbooks. Whenever possible, quizzes will be announced in advance.

 Test – (20 – 30%)

=> will be given after each chapter and longer sections. They also are to be worked individually – closed book closed notes. Timers are set up online.

 Final – Assignment – (40%)

 Grading Policy:

  By educational policy, letter grades for the courses will follow the familiar ten-point scale for now till further notice. All rates for the quarter will be calculated based on the below percentages:

 Grade <=> Total Points:

  AA < 95

  A  < 90

  B  < 89

  C  < 79

  D  < 69

  E  < 59

  U  < 49

 Academic Misconduct Policy:

  Talking about course problems with other learners is an important part of the learning process. Therefore, I will allow reliable communication about homework and problem sets outside the learning process. But, THIS IS NOT A LICENSE to CHEAT. You may only work to help one another. You should not copy all of your friends’ homework solutions or ask your friends to do your homework. That is not helping your friends or yourself; it will result in no credits on an assignment.

  The above policy does not apply to quizzes, tests, or final assignments. Any correspondence during these assignments will be considered cheating or plagiarism, resulting in a zero on the project and failing the course.

Instructional Objectives:

At the end of the course, the learner will demonstrate the ability to personal understanding.