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MPCM 203 - Mathematical Physics Classical Mechanics 3

Finally, the third course of Mathematical Physics Classical Mechanics. Also, continue with more topics discussed in Mathematical Physics Classical Mechanics 1 and 2 in our course. We will introduce you to more detail on topics you can find in our Course Outline below.

Some people believe, Physics is the study of everything, from the tiny object like a particle to the superbly comprehensive object like the universe. However, some people believe that Physics is the science of matter and energy. Therefore, we will try to learn something around us, in terms of mathematical ways, for each of them on how many of us physicists and mathematicians have described it and trying to understand its idea. Therefore, It started from the old centuries till the latest centuries.

For this course this time, we will try to focus on the seven primary majors of Physics, which we all learned since we were in Primary as a part of General Science, till you read this and some Combination Topics of Physics by the time being, which probably you learn or try to understand it after you read this.

Therefore the seven main majors of Physics I will introduce to you will be classified as below:

01. Mechanics (Classical Mechanics and Modern Mechanics)

02. Heat and Temperatures

03. Sound and Wave

04. Lights and Optics

05. Electricity and Electromagnetics

06. Astronomy

07. Relativity and Quantum Mechanics

That means all of this will begin from Physics 101 to Physics 701, and then go to the particular major from the Physics of Education that you can find in our course list.