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Course Description

The science of studies almost everything from a tiny bit like a gluon to incredibly gigantic like the universe. Here, we are studying the behavior surrounding us in the form of the physical view we thought, saw, and found. On the other hand, a Physicist is a title or a job that has been addressed to people who focus their life span on Earth to study these Physics. Therefore, will you (learner) be called a Physicist according to the knowledge of Physics that you can find here, or will you use this as your stepping stone to your own discovery for some other majors that are suited to your life to live, that will be yourself to decide, but what whatever may become, I hope you can enjoy this sharing of knowledge in Physics, that you have taken as a novel or a study material to read?


For the heads-up, as complex as humanity to decide between the lightest and the most challenging material on there, therefore by this analogy, I would like to inform you that these studies of Physics are not as light as you lift the carbon graphene aerogel also not as complicated as you smashing the diamond, therefore, if you have taken this as study material. For the pre-requisite, I expected any learners taking this course to have already taken Calculus 101102, or their equivalents and be willing to try some of the home lab projects that are kind of legendary at this moment.