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Dream in Sight. Robot With Sight. Sight in Vision.

Sight in Robotics

#2023. W 36 D 2 GMT +08:00. Indicate #117 days to go in 2023. Just because somebody has a disability does not mean they cannot be saved. It just means we must do whatever it takes to realize their dream. We learned and are aware that nature’s evolution has introduced highly efficient biological functions, materials, and mechanisms. Understanding the scientific principles in nature and how these evolved have inspired new forms of development, as described in this paper. We introduced the trial and error of bio-inspired methods that we believe will become increasingly important in the face of the complexity of today’s demanding applications. An assistive sensor device in the science and technology of rehabilitation robotics that will progress through collaboration among robotic researchers, enthusiasts, medical doctors, and patients. Especially that we know that robot sighting technology has been an evolving research field involving a solid interdisciplinary effort from researchers in different fields, namely, mechanics, electronics, material science, measurement and control, signal processing, bioengineering, and many more. Indicate that robot vision is a fundamental innovation of robots. This sensing paperwork is intended for rapidly providing a robot with enough spatial information to interact with automation panels using various tools. The approach has been applied in the intelligent transportation industry, automated vehicle inspection, automotive production lines, and scan alignment and interpretation.