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Dynamics ET. Ideals ET. Space ET.

D 80 - ET

#2023. W 41 D 4 GMT +08:00. Indicate #80 days to go in 2023. As we learn, we know that we must endure it, endure learning and more so that the passion cycle can finally grow. In this paper, we want to find out the construction form of teaching space under the new educational leadership technology concept that adapts to the development of the social era and responds to the constantly updated and emerging educational concept and teaching mode—with participants included the department of education representative and school board administrators, school development management level, teachers, counselors, educational psychologists, board members, and learners. We employ the theory of rarefied learning dynamics and optimal management to investigate the kinetic model of learning-making. The ideal state indicates a high consensus for educational leader-makers in multi-attribute large-group learning-making. Furthermore, the research results on subdivision space educational technology research hotspots mainly involve educational system services, knowledge exchange, leadership analysis, multi-criteria decisions, decision management and analytics, including specific mathematical models and theories from the perspective of the social era and responds to the constantly updated and emerging concepts and mode.


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