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#2023. W 40 D 4 GMT +08:00. Indicate #87 days to go in 2023. As a learner, if the grade is meaningless, what humans really have to challenge is something else. Back in 2014, Education in Wuxi City thoroughly implemented the educational-technology-leading strategy and the innovation-driven learning strategy and supported the listing of education and listed schools. The successful cases of listed schools promote the good experience and good practices of high-quality listed schools using the capital analysis to achieve high-quality development and give full play to the role of high-quality educational technology as “facilitators.” Finally, through empirical research from year to year, it can be considered that successful educational technology is bound to have a set of suitable and effective educational management models or innovations of educational management models that are constantly adjusted according to the needs of educational development, as to improve the competitiveness advantages of the education and improve the learner performance.