Welcome to HERO Natural Resources Consultant

“Providing Scientific Proven information on Communities and Natural Resources and the Consequences of Closed Eyes to it”

Since 2023, HERO Natural Resources Consultant become a leading provider of quantified B2B research, servicing customers worldwide in natural resources, business, and educational environmental consulting. Our principals draw from unique hands-on experience and science-based knowledge, providing our clients with accurate, timely, and independent advice.

About US

Founded by Albert Tan Lie Sing, with the vision to provide high-growth niche opportunities/threats impacting 70% to 80% of worldwide companies revenues, HERO has been the go-to consultant for top officers across eight industries worldwide for their revenue decisions. In 2022,will focus on five areas: artificial intelligence and technology, automation systems, systematic business and scientific infrastructure in advanced manufacturing, and sustainable, innovative business tactics.

Our Expert Team is a well-established scientific turbulence analyst and business researcher headquartered in Irvine, California, and branch office in Bandung, Indonesia. Our clients range from educational institutions, automotive OEMs, and Fortune 1000 companies suppliers to artificial intelligence (AI) and Technology, Automation Systems, Systematic Business, and Scientific Infrastructure in Advanced Manufacturing, Sustainable, Innovative Business Tactics, and Planning for Environmental, Technical, Economic, and Social Quality. We also support start-ups and small, privately held companies that need process improvement services and workforce solutions.

What we do is simple. We analyse, research, and develop data and information to become knowledgeable of industrial, manufacturing, and facilities businesses and investors with extensive experience developing business industrial development on the process and quality. We make them available to serve one purpose – healthy businesses. Wherever and whatever you require.

As an industrial natural resources consultant, HERO offers a flexible contracting model that fits our client’s unique short- and long-term resource planning needs. Whether solving a short-term problem or hiring a complete team of specialists to execute a new product launch, HERO can fill in the gaps.

HERO 的愿景是提供影响全球公司收入 70% 至 80% 的高增长利基机会/威胁,HERO 一直是全球八个行业高管做出收入决策的首选顾问。2022年,将重点关注人工智能与技术、自动化系统、先进制造业的系统化业务和科学基础设施,以及可持续、创新的商业策略。

Our Approach

Our market analysis revolves around understanding niche markets through our “Knowledge Store.” This platform allows us to connect with various markets and value chains and provides insights into market sizing and forecasts.

HERO consultation details start from three main components:

  1. Flexible Contracting Models – HERO offers a flexible contracting model that fits our client’s unique short- and long-term resource planning needs.
  2. Global Services – The HERO team provides scientific consulting services to clients across the US, Indonesia, Finland, and China.
  3. Businesses and Start-Up – HERO supports start-ups and privately held companies that need process improvement, facility expansion, consolidation services, and workforce solutions.


Our Projects

HERO operates with a project-oriented approach. We work alongside our clients as one project team with a shared ambition to achieve extraordinary results, outperform the competition, and redefine industries. Our strategy structure is designed to support planning for environmental, technical, economic, and social quality.


Our Services

As a resources consultant for research technology, we offer services across five major categories. These categories align with our focus areas and are designed to help our clients navigate their pain points around revenue decisions.

In Addition, we collaborate our comprehensive solutions for a variety of professional industries, such as:

  • Automotive OEM – HERO Productivity Team is a collaborative automotive advance manufacturing engineer based in Irvine, California. We have completed projects in the US, Indonesia, and Finland. Our team ranges from industrial, quality, and facilities engineers to scientists. We provide contract report support or scoped projects based on defined deliverables and schedules. 
  • Tier 1 Automotive Artificial Technology – Automotive Artificial Technology (AAT) is experiencing significant transformation driven by product and processing technology shifts. This transformation involves all aspects of the automotive value chain, from suppliers, resources, dealers, OEMs, and aftermarket players to new automotive players and advanced technology.
  • Education & Training – At the Efficient Team, we provide educational and industrial training consulting to advanced manufacturing industries, educational institutes, and self-development. Our educational and training consultant team achieves transformations across the postal and cultural, high-end technology, ICT, and innovative industries. Despite current challenges, our educational and vocational approach positions industries and businesses for success. 
  • Other Businesses – Businesses must follow strict guidelines to remain compliant with federal regulations. While it can be costly to maintain the quality that these guidelines require, it is an essential part of running a successful business. HERO can help clients manage these standards at a fraction of the cost.


Our Strategy

Our marketing strategy is to leverage our existing relationships with Fortune 1000 companies and expand our client base through targeted marketing campaigns. Our sales strategy involves demonstrating the value of our services through case studies and testimonials from our existing clients.

Improving Your Productivity

HERO expert team consulting can help clients industry increase client productivity and quality. This ensures that client’s products are manufactured efficiently and consistently with fewer errors.

Reduce Company Costs

By hiring a well-established consultant like HERO, we can help our clients save a substantial amount in total cost savings for clients, companies or industries.

Increase Your Profits

With an affordable period of time, clients can significantly increase the client company’s production efforts while maximizing profits with our skilled STEAM team.

我们的营销策略是利用我们与财富 1000 强公司的现有关系,并通过有针对性的营销活动扩大我们的客户群。我们的销售策略包括通过案例研究和现有客户的推荐来展示我们服务的价值。

Our Growth

While specific financial projections are proprietary, we anticipate steady growth in revenues and profitability as we expand our client base and continue to provide high-value services.

The growth of our work has included:


Our Future

As evidenced by 2024, our new base in China will help Sino-Indo-US change makers define the business. This expansion represents our commitment to being a global resource consultant and our belief in the potential of these markets.


Contact US

Interesting in collaborating more with HERO to help your business expand globally? Contact us today to schedule a consultation.

有兴趣与 HERO 进行更多合作以帮助您的业务在全球范围内扩张吗?立即联系我们安排咨询。

Note: For the most accurate information, it’s best to directly contact HERO Natural Resources Consultant. Also, it’s important to consult with your company advisor or accountant when preparing company statements or projections.

Note:为了获得最准确的信息,最好直接联系 HERO 自然资源顾问。此外,在准备公司报表或预测时,咨询您的公司顾问或会计师也很重要。