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About Alberttls

WELCOME! I’ve published iterations of these posts in the past. Admittedly, the information and the list are huge. There are thousands of questions on everything from learning and community to an application. I am guiding each quick link to the article-research-presentation and additional sub-questions that can encourage deeper thinking.


The science of study almost everything from a tiny little bit like a gluon to extremely gigantic like the universe itself.


Educational Technology is the use of both physical hardware and education all theoretical.

General Education

General Education is the graduate course of educational purposes.


The course of four particularly interesting areas of astronomy that are advancing very rapidly.


Mathematics is the human language in define of science of pattern searching, not ability to understand the pattern but the tools to read the pattern and something come up.

Mathematical Physics

This is the first semester of a two semester sequence on Concepts of Mathematical Physics.

Miscellaneous Course

A group of 21st Courses from STEAM until Strategy on developing and execute strategies to gain competitive advantage and improve your position in the community.

International Chess

The game of chess is the longest-studied domain in the history of artificial intelligence.