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Investigation Atom. Processess in Atom. Atom in Motion.

Investigation. Process. Motion.

#2023. W 42 D 4 GMT +08:00. Indicate #73 days to go in 2023. There may need to be more than a single image. However, it can be used as evidence in the investigation. Investigations of laser-matter interactions have entered a new temporal regime, the regime of attosecond science. It is a main “spin-off” of strong field (i.e., intense laser) physics, in which nonperturbative effects are fundamental. As seen in the Optical Slippage of Light, goes ahead of electrons when they travel an undulatory. Indicate that the fundamental processes in atoms, molecules, as well as condensed matter are triggered or mediated by the motion of electrons inside or between atoms. In which atoms exposed to a few oscillation cycles of intense laser light are able to emit a single XUV burst lasting less than one femtosecond (1 femtosecond = 1000 attosecond). Therefore, these tools have enabled us to visualize the oscillating electric field of visible light with an attosecond “oscilloscope”, as well as steering and real-time observation of the motion of electrons in atoms and molecules. Finally, these recent experiments hold promise for the development of an attosecond x-ray source, which may pave the way towards 4D electron imaging with sub-atomic resolution in space and time.


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