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Legs Support. Legs Controls. Legs Impact.

Legs of Humanoid Robot

#2023. W 37 D 1 GMT +08:00. Indicate #111 days to go in 2023. Whether with awareness or not, each of us knows that we can only do so much once we are one. With a singularity like that, “being” becomes “beings” to work together and support each other. Our research addresses the collaboration of modeling and controlling a walking two legs robot with multiple degrees of freedom, which are initiated from four to six degrees of freedom, generated by the interaction of seven links, including the step. Unlike similar studies, this presented methodology considers a whole cycle of one step of walking, including single-double support and double impact phases. Moreover, the trajectory of the footstep, including support and activity phases, is planned to reduce the impact between the foot-end and the step. Finally, digital and mini-lab simulations evaluate the robot leg model and the synthesized custom controller.