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Lightweight Legs. Lightweight Designs. Lightweight Controller.

Lightweight balancing in controller for walking robot.

#2023. W 37 D 2 GMT +08:00. Indicate #110 days to go in 2023. It is known that action to help other humans also ends up being beneficial for us at the end of the day. Even though things may initially seem trivial, they might clear the mist inside us. In this research, we aim to design a lightweight and modular design of a legged robot with multiple degrees of freedom and parallel legs is presented. The proposed methods on controller guarantees fast convergence of error signals in finite time. In support, the mathematical modeling is detailed in the first part of the paper. In the second part, we present the synthesis of a controller based on virtual constraints, which are codified in an output function that allows defining a local diffeomorphism to linearize the robot dynamics. Finally, the simulation results were used to approve the proposed controller’s fast and robust tracking performance in the presence of external disturbance, mass, and inertia uncertainties without predefined knowledge of their upper bounds.