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Manipulator in System. Manipulator in Function. Manipulator in Algorithm

RAMA in the very beginning analysis

#2023. W 31 D 2 GMT +08:00. Indicate #152 days to go in 2023. A new month is here, and thanks to the market, robotic arms get risen to the demand for modular end-of-arm tooling. After a decade, we know it now as one of many reasons that propelled the demand for robotics end-of-arm tooling that can handle multiple sizes, materials, and geometries in multiple tasks without switching to different end-of-arm tooling. Indicate that a task-oriented design strategy should get presented for service manipulators as explained in this paper. We also know recently that the technological development of manipulators in robotics, especially in robotic end-of-arms-tooling, has increased very quickly and positively impacted human life. That brings an additional indication of the implementation of the manipulator in robotic end-of-arm tooling technology to offer more efficiency and high performance for several human tasks.