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Nucleating Clusters. Formation of Clusters. Clusters of Galaxies.

Image Credit: James Webb Space Telescope

#2023. W 28 D 4 GMT +08:00. Indicate #171 days to go in 2023. Thanks to the NIRSpec spectrograph and James Webb Space Telescope recorded a protocluster of galaxies that formed around 650 million years after the Big Bang. With this, scientists can measure the speeds of all seven galaxies and confirm that they are connected in one protocluster. While we also know a nucleating cluster of seven galaxies with a redshift value of z = 7.9 will help scientists delve deeper into understanding the formation of clusters. Clusters of galaxies are cumbersome structures of the Universe that can distort space-time, therefore causing the effect of gravitational lensing, which the JWST actively uses for an even deeper look into the early Universe.