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Redesigned Task. Redesigned Systems. Redesigned Appliances.

initial RAMA on redesign

#2023. W 31 D 4 GMT +08:00. Indicate #150 days to go in 2023. Thanks to the early work that brings the cost and complexity of automating tasks with robots going down, it is likely that the kinds of task-oriented tasks will get redesigned. We know that task-oriented design is normally defined as working locations where the end-effector can work while avoiding obstacles. However, due to the comprehensive influence of many nonlinear coupling factors within a system, once the input signal provided by an electro-hydraulic servo shaker is sinusoidal, it often leads to the existence of high-order harmonic components of the system, which leads to the output servo signal parameters to exist in the extreme. We account for robotic development, system implementation, and qualitative system characteristics assessment. Moreover, we have designed our model as a functional ROS package, which can be easily used in actual robotic arms operation, with the hope that our work can be fully applied to some other appliances of robots to promote the development in the robotic fields.


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