Robotic Arms Multiple Axis

An automation mechanical arm that is capable to increase efficiency and effectiveness in every industries

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RAMA – gives infinite possibilities.

RAMA, as it stands for robotic arms with multiple axes, is engineered and built by a team worldwide. It’s easy for operators to integrate RAMA into their existing machining or packing setup to automate simple and complex tasks. It is because RAMA talks to everything your industry wants it to speak to. It’s plug-and-play-and-work. No unnecessary wiring, no drivers, no configurations.

The Platform

Made for Education and Industries

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The Future is in RAMA's reach

Our initial focus is on manufacturing tasks – the kind of dangerous, mundane, or repetitive tasks that companies can accelerate and operators want to avoid. But, there’s a whole world beyond manufacturing that can benefit from our robotics platform. Commercial dishwashing, fast food services, automation drink bar, etc. Even activities like water spring garden.

We Combine Hardware and Software Together for Whatever User Need it.

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