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Science – Introduction

December 6, 2020. That is the date when I started writing this topic. The topic is called Science.

Science is the short name for the general tested theory of knowledge related to our humanity and environment. This way of thinking in Science started from some patterns and numbers, which we define by a term we call mathematical way. With that, mathematics is one way our environment communicates with us in this Universe. From the mathematics way then goes to some living thing that we can see daily in our daily real-life.

In addition, a living science called Biology comes from the Latin word that read it as “bios,” meaning living, and another Latin word called “logos,” with means knowledge. This Biology is the study of reaction within one model with another model of the living.

In support is a form of those models, a form from a tiny model. This study of it is called Chemistry. Then, this is the study of character from a small particle like an atom in Chemistry to some surface on living in Biology, until superbly comprehensive as the Universe in the study of Astronomy, by using Mathematical words and some Philosophical ideas in which of it called Physics.

As a writer of this section, I will share an application of the idea surrounding us. A hypothesis is often called a theory, while an application is called a lab or practice, and then a thesis or research paper results from their understanding. For more than that, we called implications involving a real-life experiment—no scientific detail on how those things behave. Therefore, please join the course I have designed to help us better understand with a similar foundation over that thing or to search on your own through an online search engine or onsite information in your nearby library.

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