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Sight to Identify. Sight to Analyze. Sight to Observe.

From James Webb Space Telescope

#2023. W 26 D 4 GMT +08:00. Indicate #185 days to go in 2023. Found in the light, truth in sight. We can finally see a star-forming region with many icy components thanks to James Webb Space Telescope. From the image, we can identify, analyze, and observe the region that is being illuminated by the star NIR38 at a distance of 630 light years. Scientists identified frozen forms of carbon disulfide, ammonia, methane, and methanol with more complex molecules that have been discovered. That proves for the first time that they could form in the icy depths before stars were born. This process leaves imprints known as absorption lines, which can be compared to observatory data to determine which frozen forms of which molecules are present in the area.

Image credit: James Webb Space Telescope


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