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The Process to Keep “Run” in Development called Curriculum

    Curriculum, throughout the definition, and information that we can find it from all accessible resources like books, websites, experiences, educator research, etc. have one purpose which like Heinemann (2010) said: “Our teaching is in some ways preparation for such events”, which support by Curriculum definition borrowed from new Latin as “a course of action”, that can simply be defined as “the academic content taught in schools and learning institution” (Ghana News, 2018). Now, with that idea, if I could analogy it from LEGO toys, then I think the curriculum is the LEGO manual book on how to build the model according to LEGO company, but curriculum according to Educational Institute that making such a Curriculum, like A-Level Curriculum that been standard qualification within the UK and under certain of a name like Cambridge International Examination (CIE), or AQA, or EdExcel, another is International Baccalaureate (IB) diploma which initially developed by teachers at the International School of Geneva, or Advances Placement (AP) program that created by College Board. Then how we will use this manual book or a curriculum, will depend on ourselves, an example in here if we follow each step of making bricks connection that has been shown in the LEGO manual book then we will know what kind of result we will get by the ending asap with some percentages can be 100% accurate, or 90% or even less for some reason. And this is practically happening, in our educational curriculum, once we followed their guideline, then we as teachers could hope on the result for what our students will know and get things done by the end of the academic year, which also we can see variant percentages in our student’s acceptances. In conclusion, a curriculum is an action course model for the educational institute that can be helping each educator on direction within educator token of inquiry on helping their learner to achieve such results under that system.