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Trajectory System. Non-Singular System. Terminal System.

Multiple balancing in the Walking Robot system

#2023. W 37 D 3 GMT +08:00. Indicate #109 days to go in 2023. Every system with no solution is like an unsolved problem. In this research, we aim to design an improved adaptive non-singular efficient terminal stepping mode controller for a fully actuated two-leg robotic with multiple degrees of freedom in the support phases in the presence of external perturbation and uncertainties. Especially to achieve precise trajectory tracking of robotics walking in complex environments, the precise dynamic model, parameters identification, nonlinear characteristics, and disturbances are the factors that should be solved. That can affect statically or dynamically the complete system mass, inertia, the location of the center of mass, and additional hardware constraints. However, numerical simulation results highlight the effectiveness of the proposed tracking control scheme on two-legged and two-wheeled self-balancing robots subject to multiple variant terrain, inclination, and even in the presence of unavailable disturbance. Finally, numerical simulation results are reported to demonstrate the efficiency and effectiveness of the proposed method.