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What Bring You to Become a Teacher

In this section, I will do my best to share as clear as possible with as short as possible on the purpose of being a teacher. The purpose of my early teaching was to just be sharing some knowledge in some way therefore I could help the new generation in finding what is fun on pursuing what students love it. Like how I successfully study Physics at the University, and with that achievement, then I brought the concept and idea of learning Physics through Mathematics to the school, which in each of my 2007 classes, I always introduce the practical event of Mathematical equation in Physics form, has this becomes a study of Physics? The answer to this is No, because Mathematics is the base language of Physics, and Mathematics is not Physics, but they do help each other (Richard P. Feynmann). Another reason that makes me as a teacher which is coming through after a year and still updating with hope to the best is to become a light and a salt, which interpret by me, to be light terms is to share about our brightness with as many candelas as we can do for those learners who still hiding or trying to escape from the Darkness of Confusion, and to give the incredible taste of life, which most of the people like to ignore the salt in the ocean, by the fact is none candy has a salt taste, and none of the ice creams has the salt taste either but looks the other side, none of the mother or anyone who knows how to make the food, will not add the salt as one of their ingredients, the question is why they add salt in their food? Because salt truly gives the taste become completed. Without the salt, the world will have no ocean, the seafood will have the taste like a ground animal, and those who we are, as a Teacher let’s bring the light and the salt for future human generation, also has been said by Reid Whittaker (Houston, 2002) “taking on every probable challenge and dilemma that comes with the task of being a teacher is not necessarily proactive, rather providing all your students with the concrete real-life experiences and high expectations for learning are the essential keys for creating an environment where anything is possible”.

To accomplish my purpose of teaching, then one thing I know is I should believe each student have their own talents and ability, and like Albert Einstein famous quoted, “if we judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree on the ground, then it will live its whole life believing that it’s stupid.” Therefore, it’s my duty as a teacher to giving them guidance as wise as possible in order to help them find their true ability of humanity among those majors they learned in school. Even though, sometimes it’s quite challenging especially with a student that has been afraid in the first place of the trial and error for even try to listen to the Mathematics class, due to the experienced student who has faced with the previous teacher. However, to support this condition, I should be able to bring fun into the classroom, that can become an idea that they can be accepted about these Mathematics learning in fact is not scary at all, with a note from Larry Bell (2007) that we start early in the school year building that relationship, but never accept excuses. Then, with the initiate interaction or responses from the process of learning, and I know at that time about the process has reached the first step, as mentioned by Julie P. Sanford (1984) about effective teachers had procedures that governed students with regard to talking, participation in oral lessons and discussion. This indicates good access for a restart with the rules and behavior that can be accepted without strictly mentioned, which based on Kounin (1970) about it is what the teacher does that produces high student engagement, reduces student misbehavior, and maximizes instructional time. Even though, I expect each student to be capable of having commitment on what do they believe they want to pursue with a responsibility. After all, it’s our responsibility as a teacher to not only teach about the subject, but to help our students, especially in the high school on the process to find their passion, by simple directions and were noted as excellent in structuring transitions like been mentioned by Wong, H., Wong, R., Rogers, K., & Brooks, A. (2012). Therefore, once they graduate from the university they could work as they are passionate, as Linda Albert mentioned “Students won’t always remember what we teach them, but they will never forget how we treat them”.

In the end, if the school has Parent Teacher Meeting in general, then I do expect my student’s parents to possibly trust their kids on making a choice of what they would like to pursue, instead of injecting their idea to let their kids choose on. Because of indirect practical trust by letting their kids on making a choice on which major they should study, or they want to study, this already given an opportunity for the children to grow up on their process of learning and for their life to live. I truly believed each child can achieve their dreams, especially with the proper guide and thought during their learning in each time, not only from primary to university, but their learning in progress during their life live, then each child is learners that being an educator that educated each self and people around on becoming the best in their field of life to live, because like Rebecca Alber (2017) mentioned when a teacher is effective, the majority of kids are learning and getting what they need, goals and objectives are achieved.


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