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Aerial Implementation. Industry Implementation. Space Implementation.

Implementation of RAMA

#2023. W 34 D 4 GMT +08:00. Indicate #129 days to go in 2023. When an independent human works for or with people with a certain amount of technology savvy, they will usually find that they are not only familiar with some of the more wicked of cliche knowing but believe in them. Two decades ago, such people said, “The device is the future.” Now, they are saying, “There you go.” The first implementation in aerial manipulation of objects has several advantages as the terrain’s morphology does not limit it, especially with the impedance control technique implemented to develop—the second implementation in the industries of fire rescue robots for a high-rise building design. The robot fire detection method involves obtaining the video image of the fire detection area through an HD camera. Thirdly, we know it is challenging for space robots to track continuous time-varying manifolds using traditional closed-loop control strategies, which are designed to track the position and attitude separately. This research paper demonstrates that the proposed robotic is suitable for an industrial domain, and the hierarchical planning method can solve significant problems intractable with effective and efficient processes.


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