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SIC Controller. SIC Derivatives. SIC Algorithms.

Trial and Error of RAMA

#2023. W 34 D 3 GMT +08:00. Indicate #130 days to go in 2023. Scientists, Engineers, and any human professionals will eventually read a book, as indirectly informed us from the universe, for books should able to create worlds that bring happiness to the people who read them. From our research in the book and practice, we know that despite the increase in complexity of modern control systems, most industrial robots employ simple independent controllers due to simplicity and satisfactory performance. The primary characteristics of applied simple independent equipment controllers are typically simple but reliable and effective. Secondly, based on the proposed feedback form, a simple proportional derivative control law of output force on the end-effector is designed, and a closed-loop continuous tracking control strategy is proposed using the force Jacobean matrix and kinematic model. Therefore, the experiments are carried out to provide preliminary comparisons among three potential algorithms for the artificial robot in a low-cost and efficient approach.


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