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Noise Trace. Disturbance Trace. Friction Trace.

Trace of RAMA identity

#2023. W 34 D 2 GMT +08:00. Indicate #131 days to go in 2023. Scientists, Engineers, and Robotic Enthusiasts are working hard to make it what it is today. Having an exact tracking of a robotic manipulator in the presence of uncertainties like noise, disturbances, and friction has been addressed in this particular paper. To save cost and improve the test’s efficiency by implementing the critical idea with gravity compensation included within the robot’s dynamic control algorithm to replace the microgravity environment’s function. Therefore, the dynamics model should be rebuilt, and the corresponding control strategy should be redesigned. Finally, a robust fuzzy sliding mode tracking control scheme is designed to deal with the chattering phenomenon. As a result, the simulation shows that the proposed robust fuzzy control law can eliminate the chattering well and decrease the join control torque significantly. The system’s stability is analyzed through the Lyapunov method. That shows the proposed controller can achieve better tracking performance than other controllers. The range of errors is decreasing, and the time taken by the controller has reduced up to 24 times compared to earlier.