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early Ingredients of RAMA

#2023. W 32 D 4 GMT +08:00. Indicate #143 days to go in 2023. During our research in robotics, other sciences, and technology, we all know that encountering obstacles is inevitable on the path to success in our term. Staying calm, cool, collected, and confident is the key to triumph it. This paper provides tips for robotic arms positioning, port placement, sensor docking, and intraoperative mechanism with challenged situations in precisions. That is when such technology is ready to be deployed in the real world, that is, at the target end users’ homes. That has been achieved by developing practical electrodes, easy-to-use software, and delivering telemonitoring and home support capabilities conceived, implemented, and tested within a user-centered design approach. Compared with the existing results, it is proved that the tracking errors converge into zero asymptotically with higher precision in the controller and stronger robustness.


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