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Axes Operating System RAMA

#2023. W 33 D 1 GMT +08:00. Indicate #139 days to go in 2023. We know the world is changing whether humans want it or not, and it is changing faster than ever. As manufacturing tasks become more individualized and flexible, factory machines must do variable smart tasks collaboratively without reprogramming. These accepted papers covered our special issues in the early studies, such as sensors calibration method, sensors information integration and fusion, vision sensor and vision algorithm in motive object tracking, and integrated navigation technology. As a result of the control system architecture, our software is developed to receive the data collected by the inertial sensor to communicate and send instructions. Furthermore, the real-time status of the manipulator is displayed in this software. Then the obtained results from these experiments clearly show the performance effectiveness and efficiency of the proposed Sensory Robotic Operational System (SROS).