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Implementation of Knowledge. Implementation of Learning. Implementation of Education.

Knowledge, Learning, Education

#2023. W 40 D 1 GMT +08:00. Indicate #90 days to go in 2023. In order to proceed with our learning, we know that we learn because we act upon the knowledge that we trust as the reaction to the knowledge we can trust in. In this paper, we know that with the current civilization, the continued economic downturn, several things with the slowdown of domestic educational development and fierce grade competition, the development of small and medium-sized implementation in learning has become more and more difficult. In support, the innovation of the educational management model has increasingly become one of the important sources of competitive advantage for educational institutions. By using the combination of alpha and delta coefficients as [0, 11], the different values represent different reliability. We found that the depth of the literature search, the breadth of data measurement collection, and the observation of implementation activity will affect the accuracy of the results. The practicality of the research results needs to be further improved in the follow-up research.


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