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Tools of Measurement. The LCLS-II Tools. Tools in Synchronization.

Measurement. LCLS. Synchronization.

#2023. W 43 D 2 GMT +08:00. Indicate #68 days left in 2023. At this point, scientists are aware of tons of fluctuations in pulse spectrum, intensity, temporal profile, and delays between pulses. Therefore, we set our tools, the LCLS-II, to high repetition rate machines, function with up to 1 MHz rep-rate and potentially much less fluctuation, in which our tools beaming a soft and hard X-ray Beamline, with two color-spanning multiple X-ray absorption edges – sub-fs pulses of variable delay (-100 to +100 fs) with delay accuracy of 0.5 fs. As a result of our measurements, we get 179 with an uncertainty of 58 at @ 9 keV (~ 14.4 eV BW) and 228 with an uncertainty of 85 at @ 5.6 keV (~11.3 eV BW). Indicate our synchronization to external lasers or post-sorting to less than 1 fs – for optical excitation and coherent control experiments. Moreover, we get a high rep-rate (for statistics and to avoid severe sample damage or detector saturation limits) of more than 10 kHz with a small X-ray beam focus of less than 1 μm. In a vacuum, we test this gas, liquid, and solid sample environment operation.


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