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Albert Tan Research's

Albert Tan Research in Perspectives of Actions and Reactions

Here, I would like to share with some limited readers about the Research I have been doing it independently through some resources around me since I was a child till I am now.

As a passionate Researcher with a profession as Mathematical Physicist Educator, I seek to understand the experiences of visualizing, analyzing, missioning, learning, systemic, and investigating how they develop their idea of knowledge and recognize how their knowledge is applied in the near future application. In short, I called this as engage to the context in the contents of story.

Research in Learning covers many areas of modern, pure and applied knowledge, including topics such as pure logic and applied analysis, geometry and logic, rationalism theory, inverse evidence, dynamics of testable hypotheses, mathematical modeling, numerical reductionism analysis, and financial objectivity mathematically

Currently, I work in education theory and practices (physics in education, chemistry of learning and practices, creativity of knowledge in application, diffusion processes on science, applied technology and learning system), quantum mechanics (knowledge of theory), and theorem analysis (the science of inequalities, applied knowledge of analysis, a subsequence of spaces).

The published papers have appeared (or been accepted) in Education fields, letters in mathematical physics, and others. I have 28 published or accepted papers, and 3 pre-prints, all 25 papers are available on my webpage. 15 of these papers are from the past 4 years, and 13 are from the past 2 years. The published papers have appeared (or been accepted) in Education fields, letters in mathematical physics, and others.

Following are descriptions of the general directions of my research projects in the field I have done:

  1. Applied Technology and Learning Systems
  2. Strategic Research Pattern in Learning
  3. The Effectiveness of Learning Science in Education
  4. Mathematics Education for Senior Level Student into Application
  5. Physics as Pure Research Learning Subject
  6. Integration of Using Modern Technology in Education
  7. The Educational Creativity of Knowledge in Application
  8. Interaction Between Language as Learning Tools in Second Language User
  9. Properties of Critical Leadership Versatility in Education
  10. Board Game Philosophy and Applied Learning
  11. One Goal of Learning in the Educational Systems
  12. Board Game for Ed-Learning
  13. The Complexity of the Level for Gamification Using Board Game
  14. Virtual Reality Learning for Educational Exhibits
  15. Board Games for Learning – or Do They?
  16. STEAM Game in One System of Education
  17. Augmented Projection Technology on Educational Board Game Learning
  18. Theoretical or Applied for Board Game Learning Environments
  19. Educational Technology of Board Games Through Learning
  20. Board Games Enables Creativity and Critical Thinking
  21. Learning Abstract Concepts Through Real Augmented Interactive Playing
  22. The Applied Physics in Laboratory Learning on STEAM Learnings
  23. Augmented Games and Human-Centered for Social and Physical Interactive Games Entertainment
  24. Modulation of Open Quantum Space Analysis
  25. Synthesis and Characterization of Theory and Application of Learning for 21st Century Education
  26. Connection Between the Differences in Human Males and Human Females Physical Data Information