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Balancing Walking. Adaptive Walking. Dynamic Walking.

Walking Humanoid Robot RAMA

#2023. W 37 D 4 GMT +08:00. Indicate #108 days to go in 2023. We know now that if one wants to enter the robotic walking steps, they must survive in the stability of balancing walking on terrain. Indicate from several research studies, and experiments are conducted based on the control of legged walking robots. An adaptive back-stepping backward mode control is proposed to solve the precise trajectory tracking under external disturbances with complex environments, and the dynamic response characteristics of a two-joint robotic legged are described in this paper. Dynamic walking was preferred over static walking to achieve more similarity to human walking. Also, according to the number of feet, legged robots can be divided into biped, quadruped, and multi-legged robots. This structure of a legged robot is the simplest that approximately reproduces the mechanism of living beings walking. Therefore, we give conclusions and discuss some future work as, hypothetically, the complete model of the legged robots and the proposed walking control have been implemented in simulation using Python and JULIA.


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