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Environment Structure. Head Structure. Sensory Structure.

Head of Robots

#2023. W 38 D 1 GMT +08:00. Indicate #104 days to go in 2023. Our ancestor has taught us that, no matter what may happen, please live your lives with your heads held high. In this paper, our orientation of robotics is the user’s head. The user’s head gets used to steer the navigation of a walking robotic in the human version, a.k.a humanoid robotics. In this case, the challenge involves the robot’s ability to determine its own position and plan a path toward some destination location based on the information available from the sensors, the environment structure, and the restriction designed by the control scheme. The proposed assistive hybrid brain-computer interface (BCI) autonomous walking robotics demonstrates a design responsible for sensors and deploying alternate solutions and versatility by responding to commands from the environment signals detector through a noninvasive electrooculogram. Several experiments were performed, as described in this paper, which showed the efficiency of the achieved walking robot with a head for solving problems in movement on uneven surfaces.

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