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TT in Robustness. TT of Intelligence. TT at Adv. Algorithms.

Theoretical Tools in Robotics Head

#2023. W 38 D 3 GMT +08:00. Indicate #102 days to go in 2023. We figured out not to be afraid of the ball. If it is coming for our head, we must get it out of the way or head-butt it. With analysis of the further evolution of our complex technological community and the introduction of new notions and innovative theoretical tools, such as cognitive and neural aspects of robotics, we called theoretical tools. Theoretical tools that provide some robustness and intelligence in robotic systems to what is found similar in natural biological living species. This paper addresses fundamental and advanced mathematical modeling analysis and the development of theoretical tools for intelligence robotics. Moreover, advanced algorithms are needed to provide the robot with the intelligence required to accomplish the collaborative task as it functions. The robot dynamics should be considered for designing these underlying theoretical tools for robot control. In the end, a multi-criteria optimization is designed for further research with new mathematical solutions, novel algorithms, and methods on the relevant problems to advance the research and development of head robotics of humanoid type.