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Robotics in Tools, Techniques, and Structures

#2023. W 38 D 4 GMT +08:00. Indicate #101 days to go in 2023. As a head, we know we do not care if people try to dig up dirt on us. Nevertheless, it is wrong to ruin people’s joy with nothing to do with this. Especially as Scientists and Robotic Enthusiasts, we know that with more than one billion connected devices, the notion of the Internet of Things (IoT) will gain momentum. However, one of the fundamental requirements for the success of a humanoid robotic collaboration task is the capacity of the robotic system to interact with the human without harming the human. A clear description of an interaction task between the robot and its environment concerning natural and artificial constraints is expressed regarding the constraint frame. These 35 accepted research papers abstract cover some broader aspects of cognition, further affection, and intelligence in the field of robotics being, and for this, our current permitted shared papers covers the fields of cognition, perception, neural learning, and neuro control with neural architecture in robotics with various industrial and home applications, is an addition to the field of robotics shortly.


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