Encouraging Deep Learning vs Surface Learning Strategies

It’s truly hard to separate the content of deep learning without an understanding and knowledge. Since knowledge and understanding are only different by one string of red lines, that if we can be crossing it, then the concept of understanding beyond that knowledge will be miraculously insightful as we called it deep in this case […]

The Analogy and Reconceptualization of Curriculum in the Last 40 Years

As many as other things that we know, the Earthling timeframe for 40 years, means isn’t a short time, it’s roughly 4 decades. The time that brings humanity from a newborn baby to become an old man, which means the time that taught us a lot on how we should define, improve, and adjust to […]

What Bring You to Become a Teacher

In this section, I will do my best to share as clear as possible with as short as possible on the purpose of being a teacher. The purpose of my early teaching was to just be sharing some knowledge in some way therefore I could help the new generation in finding what is fun on […]

General Strategies That Can be Applied to Facilitate Students’ Learning

A key to implementing high expectations in your classroom is to realize that “high expectations” is in fact something most teachers do, and not just believe (Hill, n.d.). Also, we found that what we believe is good for students might hinder students’ independence and weaken their ability to think. An example like in ancient schools […]

Is There a Methods/Models of Classroom Management for Preventing Student Misbehavior

Discussing the methods/models for preventing student misbehavior in this time, I will use a short illustration as an analogy from the international chess game with application to minimizing misbehaviors during my experienced in teaching-learning. In short, as we thought we know about the international chess game, then, most of the professional international chess game player […]

Positioning Seating Arrangement in Order to Coordinating to Space of the Classroom

In this writing, there is three seating arrangement that will be chosen and discussed. The first seating arrangement in the traditional ways, this form very useful for either medium up to 20 students or large number up to 50 students with spacious classroom, but this form may not so effective for a teacher to monitoring […]

Rules and Procedures on Classroom Management Should be Approachable and Synergy

In the beginning on each teaching and learning educator and learner should learn the standardization. Educators and learners should not just know about standardization but understand standardization. Standardization is in the form of anything that we want to call, like rules and procedures on classroom management. Even the simplest thing has rules and procedures to […]

Simplest Rules and Flexible Procedure on Supporting Classroom Management

The first thing to be realized on developing the creative discipline models then we need to simplify the rules of a classroom by flexing the procedure unto it. Rules and discipline are two best friends that need to be clarifying their differences. Therefore, the importance of communication is and always be the key to success […]