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Reframe Human. Reframe Education. Reframe Intelligence.

D 95 - Reframe

#2023. W 39 D 3 GMT +08:00. Indicate #95 days left in 2023. A study in 2016 showed that kids with high intelligence continued to be open to new ideas as they grew. Intelligent humans will likely seek answers with foundations, which help their information develop continuously. In addition, the traditional education concept of learners is inconsistent with other countries’ education. Much inequality decreases with the internationalization of education and the development of network intelligence. With intelligence, humans can think about information differently from their own perspective and possibly adjust how they see things, called “reframing.” Reframing is a condition to see information from a different perspective to move toward a solution. This paper has served as a result and a source of encouragement for institutions of higher learning to use innovative technology carriers to deliver foundational intelligence through education.



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