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Sensor Plan of Robotics Humanoid

#2023. W 36 D 1 GMT +08:00. Indicate #118 days to go in 2023. Bless many of us who can see a beautiful day, and yet bless those who help those who cannot see and yet can share the beautiful day. With that thought, the idea of rehabilitation robotics in 2011 has produced exciting new ideas and novel human assistive devices in the growing field of robotics. The successful research and development of such implementation robotics requires a thorough understanding of mechanical, electrical, and software components and their relations with biology, physiology, neuroscience, and brain science. Understanding the engineering principles in nature and how these evolved have inspired new forms of development. A development that brought the robot sensor as a critical component of the robot has been paid increasing attention by robot researchers. Moreover, sensor-based human-robot interaction is currently the frontier of robot research. Hence, this paper on rehabilitation robotics introduces innovative sensor devices for identification and detection learning programs.