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First of all, Teacher. A word that has been invented and used for many years and decades. I genuinely appreciate the person who created these images. Especially to them on the internet, that being an online teacher. The introduction can give us a small amount of reflection before going to the main topics about who or which is our Teachers. The stakeholder like the school board, the human, the books, the Teacher’s words, the apple, or the ruler.

I believe everyone who can get access to this site ever had a Teacher in their life, but have you ever thought about:

Who is your Teacher? What are they? Which one is your Teacher? Why did they become your Teacher? where are they known? When did they start to be a teacher? How to be a teacher?

I am not a Great Teacher yet, but I was once a Teacher with certification and credibility.

In this article, I am not asking you about what a teacher should be door done. However, this article is mainly about my idealism and my experience as a teacher for about fifteen years in legal and educational institutions and more than six years outside private institutions.

Why did I become a teacher? First, I never had the mind to be a teacher in the first place. However, the world shows me that I could be a better author, like Shakespeare, J.K. Rowling, Dan Brown, and other author’s names I do not know since I believe I read a book less than most people read. However, am I ever read a book? Yes, I had several different kinds of text, which I got because of free, a massive discount from the market, a gift, and many more. 

Then why did I become a teacher? The thing is because as a human and to make us different from other living organisms that exist on this Earth, then teach is one of the best gifted we ever have. So to share my thoughts, what I learned, what I ever knew and understood, and whatever knowledge should be shared, being a Teacher is the best way to do it. But to do so is more challenging than I write here.

Here is my thought:

The word the Teacher comes from the phrase teaching with an expansion of “-er” and what was taught? When I write this article, lead is something tencourage a typical human. What is a regular human? An ordinary human in this term has a meaning as a human who has no ability yet or has no particular skill but is willing to learn from someone or somebody whom they recognize as an expert or as a person or a thing, whom or which has more skilled in some subject than their self.

Moreover, if like that, then what is a teacher? So the Teacher is a person for guides familiar people around the world or the new era to encourage them to learn something of their interest or something for them to be more human-like what they should have existed on Earth.

Since a century ago, teaching has been something like guiding.

As a teacher, we will guide people who like to learn something special.

A Teacher was not and never can be controlling new learners. However, the Teacher should be able to guide the new learners to learn something properly and wisely for the existence of Earth and everything inside.

Several years ago, while I was a teacher in legal institutions and had an opportunity to teach new learners, most of my students were about 7 to 9 years younger than me. I met some human who had the same profession as me at that time as a teacher, but this human preferred to teach a smart kid.

I remember that in that era, they taught me about not wasting your time. We as a teacher better use our time to guide intelligent students because they want to learn and they can understand us. Coincidentally, I became the opposite of their concepts at that time. By no means that made me have to be proud a little bit this time, because I made the very right decision by saying to that Teacher that’s our guide to make the people who are not understood if they refuse to understand, then also our job as a teacher to find the reason of it. If we give up on this, who else can find it out? Their parents trust us. That is why their parent put their kids in our school, so why do not I “waste” my time longer with them? At the same time, my intelligent student has someone to take care of it. If my brilliant student wants to join me to “waste” their time with others, my place is always open because the 40 sqm of the room is too big to be occupied by only 20 learners and one Teacher.

So, after you read my shared about TEACHER, I have a question, how about in this era? what kind of person or Teacher are you? Which answer will be yours?


Please remember, if your Teacher is human, please forgive them if they make mistakes.

The best Teacher is your own experience, but do not ever take lightly what other people share, especially if they are professional Teachers