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Three Linear. Three Calculus. Three Statistics.

Three Uncertainty in RAMA of self-learning

#2023. W 33 D 4 GMT +08:00. Indicate #136 days to go in 2023. As the week of 33 and day third get a pass, we are now on day fourth. We realized that we need to lead, and leadership differs from management. The success of this early robotics in 1991 depended on the harmony of talents, passion, and knowledge, with a sacrifice of time, energy, and material of people working on each task. Especially that all of us know we can have the best equipment and the company’s promises of success, but the people who understand the products and the requirements get systems online. In addition, a vision of the future and a look at the past should be considered when determining how to manage robotics and other automation means. The automation development group in analytical research and development is a team of analysts devoted to developing new methods and adapting existing methods for the robot. Finally, we disaggregate three systems parameters, measurements, and uncertainty per appliance in each case. As a result, to evaluate the performance of the proposed method, some simulations and comparisons through augmented virtual reality have been carried out, and the results show that the proposed method can achieve promising performance to some degree.