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Ineffectiveness Discipline Methods and Methods to Consider on Improvement Positive Classroom Climate

A disciplined method was ineffective because the discipline method may not too much sense in this current state of education. in terms of the behavior of how our parents treat us back to the last 10 years have made a tremendous change. This behavior also makes many of the schools made some changes in discipline style. Like, if a school made a discipline style like in the military and if there is a school made a discipline style like in the living room, then with those two, the one with the style like in the living room will be more accepted by the current community, because that style more relaxing but also there is seriousness.

Based on the readings in Reference List, we can do honestly think about the changes that need to be made are all about how we deliver our messages and how we will react to our students by not scared them but more into guiding them. I think this is similar to what is suggested by Mather N. and Goldstein S. and the short version from five criteria from a positive discipline which is explained by Jane Nelsen. Like it was mentioned in, there are five criteria for positive discipline, especially with the point no:

02. In terms of connection, then Helps children feel a sense of Belonging and Significance

04. in terms of Respect, Empathy, Problem-solving, Accountability, Contribution, Cooperation, then Teaches valuable Social and Life Skills for good character.

05. Invites children to discover how capable they are and to use their personal power in constructive ways

Those are on how can we can guide the today child on exposed their talent, and skills, with also showing them through our teaching and their sense of belonging and significance, with the order on lead to thinking and logical skills into a situation, in which also supported by about seven positions on win-win discipline.

We do believe, in each of our skills and ability as a teacher, that we are superbly master in such a subject to help our students on learning. Therefore, instead of asking our children on memorizing the knowledge that we know, we may better on guiding them to expose their talents and how it can be helpful to the community, with this way, the students, which often called as a child, will always try to mimic our way. Our way in terms like we taught them throughout our subject.

Perhaps an example like how many of us did in our Physics class, instead of guiding the student throughout the textbook, we will be asking our students for doing some practical experiment that will be leading them into learning itself. The thing we did by bringing them to the soccer field in pursuit of learning about the physical change that we can analyze, and through that experiment, we guide them on what would mean as which introduced to the purpose of the learning itself. Also, we will be able to guide the students not only on learning one thing, but they will see how we as a teacher can see the thing around us as our own passion throughout the subject we teach.



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