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The 3 Top Purposes of Education in My Milieu

  In regards with the 3 top purposes for education in my milleu, I always reminding myself with three lego baseplate, which are green, gray, and blue. Lego Base plate Green, that’s the early base plate, with purpose to help us with creating a view of outdoor environment like garden, forest, park, which helpful for most of lego user on understanding about what this base plate for, which indicates of our educational curriculum system have to easily understanding in order to get growing up, as like a plant that can grow up, or easily to modify like we know in most of the video recording entertainment, they were using the green screen therefore it can be easily replace the color, due to circumstances that many of things around us hasn’t used elsewhere during the making. Secondly, as we know the first purpose has filled the job, then Lego Base plate Gray, that’s also in the early base plate, with purpose to help us with creating a view for street, indicates of our educational system can be develop which will giving our learning process on creating a life long habits that our learner can enjoy it (Melissa, 2020). Lastly, Lego Baseplate Blue that came later on in the LEGO history, which informed us as educator about not only our learner can gain a knowledge that they supposed to know also we help them on how to learn with better understanding, as we know the blue identically as the color of sea, even though many of us know about the color of water itself depends on the surrounded. With those also, can be fit with Tyler four basic principles in the development of any circular project.

  In evaluation with the Schiro’s 4 Curriculum ideologies, that I will take from Blutman Video. Scholar academic, teachers are transmitting, mediating, and translating the knowledge to learner then learner works off the idea that background knowledge is share for understanding  (Blutman, A, 2017) . While in Social Efficiency, as been mentioned by Blutman, 2017, the teacher roles in the education is managements that involves preparing the environment, guiding, motivating, and assessing. For the Learner Centers we can see it from their portfolio assessment, their learning logs, and their self-assessment. Finally, the Social reconstruction ideology which is people must learn to critically analyze themselves to work for a better society. Therefore, for the best meets the need of leaerners in my contect will be the social reconstruction that encourage people to learn critically with a good analyze.

  Further modifications that we are needed perhaps it’s not a modification, but more like to adjustment or refining to become more content-able that can have such a connection. By terms an educator not only helping our learners on engagement to the topic and materials but bringing them into analysis from what should we do, when should we prepare, and how to combining them. Therefore, by the end of the study, learners will not only be gaining the knowledge like in the traditional curriculum, but also capable on designing, communicating, and applicating throughout the systems that can be fit to a better humanity, as been mentioned also by Bonhoeffer “teachers and their students must work collaboratively as partners.” And Dwayne Huebner pointed out,” it is a creative process of healing, re-integration, re-membering, and re-collection”.


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